As a Realtor, opening the right doors for my clients,in order to meet their real estate goals is what drives me. What keeps me motivated and satisfied is the knowledge that my clients are happy with their choice of new home, and delighted with the results and process when they sell their current home; knowing I helped give  them clear and rock-solid guidance through the process.
With a family legacy in Real Estate ownership and Property Management, I can confidently say that Real Estate is my passion.
I enjoy working with clients and providing solutions for even the  most complicated real estate vision.  I have always been driven by  an entrepreneurial spirit, and with 17 years in marketing, strategy,  project management and client services, as well as years of  owning a  Home Staging company, I am not only positioned  perfectly to market your home in the best way possible, but I also clearly understand the power of real estate as both a home and an investment. 

In Vancouver’s dynamic real estate market, you have many options to choose from.  But when you narrow them down, some things always stay the same. That is why I firmly believe that attention to detail, transparency and outstanding customer service are always going to be the keys to success in Vancouver’s dynamic market place.  I am committed to putting clients first and am constantly seeking ways to exceed expectations.
Vancouver has been my home for the last 25 years. Living in this beautiful city has taught me that there that no matter how far I travel there is simply no place like home. My late father-in-law, with his many years of retailing and customer service, taught me many things and he was known to say: ‘Building long-term client relationships is far more important than making a sale.’ This is a mantra I follow in my own real estate career today and I believe it is the secret to both real estate and personal success. 

Your real estate needs are unique to you and will require personal attention and careful thought. As my client, you become my priority and I will assess your situation and do the footwork to provide solutions that meet your needs.

Let’s see how I can help. Call, text, email.